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Welcome to The Trailing Edge

This site is devoted to computing technology which has been left behind by the rapidly advancing Leading Edge of computing. Many interesting and useful systems have been forgotten with the mad rush to stay on the Cutting Edge and maintain the high sales of hardware and software companies. While we too like to have the latest and greatest, we don't want people to forget the legacy which lead to today's systems. Many of these older systems were once considered part of the Bleeding Edge but most people know little if anything about them or just dismiss them. If you have some item related to these old systems that you'd like to clear out or just want to say hello and share some story about them, you can email me at

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Recent News

2024-05-12More additions
Added a Macintosh section to the Apple area of the Library as well as DEC and Honeywell areas.

2024-05-11Library Updates
Added documents to the Apple II, Apple III, Atari and Exidy libraries. Added libraries for the AT&T, Commodore, Fortune and Mindset systems as well.

2024-04-11Minor Updates
Just doing some minor updates on the site in preparation of future enhancements. Also added a few pictures for systems that were missing them.

2022-09-28MTU-130 and MAME
Happy to announce that MAME now has a working MTU-130 emulation! Been working towards this day for some time and it is finally here. You can now start to explore some of the features of this interesting and rare 6502 based system now as well as the 68000 addon card. Working on additional hardware to be emulated as well as recovering more documentation and software so should have more updates soon.

2022-09-09MTU-130 Updates
Added some more documentation to the MTU-130 resource section. Also have some hopefully big news related to the MTU-130 coming around the end of the month so check back then.

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